BetVictor Championship League is split into three phases, with all matches during all stages played as the best-of-four frames (if a match finishes 3-0, the fourth frame will not be played).

  • STAGE ONE from July 18 – August 6 will feature 32 groups of four players, with two groups played each day across two tables. The player who tops each group table will progress to Stage Two
  • STAGE TWO from August 9 to August 12 sees the 32 group winners split into eight further groups of four, with two groups per day also played over two tables.
  • STAGE THREE will see the eight Group Winners split into two final groups, with the two group winners to contest the best-of-five final to claim the title.


Players will be awarded three points for a win and one point for a drawn match. The Group Table standings will be determined by the following criteria, in this order:

  1. Highest number of points
  2. Net frame difference
  3. Result of match between the two players in question. Should three or more players be tied then a mini table will be produced using the criteria above.
  4. Highest break in the group
  5. If the highest break is also tied, the next highest break made by the players in question will be used

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