Matchroom Group Tax Strategy

This document outlines the Tax Strategy of Matchroom Holdings Limited and all of its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, in compliance with Para 16(2), Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016. This strategy applies to the financial year ending 30th June 2024 as approved by the Board of Directors and will be reviewed and published annually.  It sets out our approach to managing our tax obligations and dealings with tax authorities in the UK.


Our Approach to Risk Management and Governance Arrangements

Tax matters are overseen by the Senior Accounting Officer for the Group, who ensures that our tax strategy is aligned with the company’s overall strategy and governance framework. The Senior Accounting Officer reports directly to the Board of Directors on tax matters, ensuring that there is a high level of oversight and accountability.

The Group has two Senior Accounting Officers, one for World Snooker Limited and one for the remaining Matchroom Group companies including Matchroom Holdings Limited the overall parent company.

We employ comprehensive risk management procedures to identify, assess, monitor, and manage tax risks. Our internal control systems are designed to provide assurance that these risks are managed effectively. We seek to reduce the level of tax risk arising from our operations as far as is reasonably practicable by using professional advice and by implementing robust compliance systems.


Our Approach to Tax Planning and Tax Risk

Matchroom Sport Group engages in responsible tax planning that supports our business. Any tax planning undertaken will have a business rationale, comply with the relevant laws, and consider the potential impact on our reputation and broader goals.

Matchroom Sport Group accepts a low level of risk in relation to UK taxation. However, given the scale of our business and volume of tax obligations, risks will inevitably arise from time to time in relation to the interpretation of tax law and nature of our compliance arrangements.

Our approach to tax risks follows the same principles that apply to all other business risks. We consider reputation and corporate social responsibility as well as purely financial impacts.

In addition, we continuously monitor changes to UK tax laws and take advice, where appropriate, from external advisers to ensure ongoing compliance. Where there is significant uncertainty or complexity in relation to a material transaction the interpretation and application of the law, or an identified risk, external advice may be sought.

When making decisions on tax we take into account the materiality of any item, as well as the costs of effective risk mitigation actions. By being tax compliant we aim to minimise tax risk, and this is judged on an issue-by-issue basis.


Our Approach to Dealings with HMRC

Matchroom Sport Group is committed to the principles of transparency and openness in our approach to dealing with HMRC. We engage with HMRC with honesty, integrity, respect, and fairness and in a spirit of cooperative compliance.

We aim to file all relevant returns accurately and on time, ensuring that they reflect our fiscal obligations to HMRC. Where there are uncertainties or complexities in relation to our tax obligations, we seek to resolve these through proactive dialogue with HMRC.

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