News January 5th, 2017

Anthony McGill 3-0 Ryan Day
113-1 (McGill 107), 133-0 (McGill 84), 108-22 (McGill 108)

Neil Robertson 1-3 Anthony McGill
48-22, 0-90 (McGill 53), 38-86 (McGill 85), 45-97 (McGill 62)

Mark Davis 2-3 Ryan Day
64-39 (Davis 57), 49-78 (Day 73), 137-1 (Day 130), 43-81 (Day 81), 29-73 (Day 58)

Anthony McGill won through to the Championship League Snooker Winners’ Group with a 3-0 success over Ryan Day in the Group Two final at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena.

The Scotsman is making his tournament debut this year and having lost 3-2 in the Group One semi-final against Day on Tuesday made the final this time with a 3-1 victory over Neil Robertson. Day had defeated Mark Davis 3-2 in his semi-final.

In the final McGill made breaks of 107, 84 and a 108 clearance to win the best-of-five match in 47 minutes.

“It is a great tournament,” said McGill. “It is like being paid to practice because you don’t have the pressure of the rankings or anything like that.

“It was nice to come in early because even if you don’t win a group you can pick up a few quid and play a lot of matches but to win a group, I am over the moon. I played quite well on Table 1, but both tables played quite differently and I didn’t play well at all on Table 2.

“All the group winners will be quality players so it will be great to be involved in the Winners’ Group.”

Having finished fifth on the round robin group table, Mark Williams will return to compete in group two along with Davis, Robertson and Day. They will be joined by Joe Perry, Barry Hawkins and Ali Carter. Matthew Selt and Michael White were eliminated from the tournament. Williams took home the £500 high break prize for a 136 against Selt.

Championship League Snooker event is a venture between Matchroom Sport and Perform where 25 of the game’s elite players compete with all matches broadcast on a host of betting websites.

Each group features seven players with each man playing the other six once in a round-robin basis. Every match is the best of five and the winner gains one point with the loser getting zero.

At the end of the league phase the top four advances to that group’s semi-finals where the two winners meet in the final and the winner advances to the Winners’ Group in March.

The losing finalist, two losing semi-finalists and player finishing fifth move into the next group where they are joined by three new players and the process is repeated.

Group Three commences on Monday, January 9 at midday. Live scoring can be found at Group fixtures and results can be found here.

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