Bingham wins in CLS late show

Bingham wins in CLS late show

News January 22nd, 2015

binghamwinFollowing a late night finish at Crondon Park Golf Club, Stuart Bingham completed a hard fought 3-1 win over Mark Davis to claim Group Four of 2015 Championship League Snooker to take his place in the final group in February.

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Following some lengthy group matches plus a long semi-final between Davis and Peter Ebdon, the final didn’t get underway until just before 9.00pm but it was local man Bingham who had enough in the tank to see himself over the line.

“I was lucky to be here really. In Group Two a little bit of luck went my way and I am over the moon to get through to the Winners’ Group,” said a delighted Bingham.

“I began the group with a 3-0 defeat to Peter Ebdon but nicked a couple of results; Ryan Day should have beaten me and it could have gone pear-shaped from there. But I felt I was getting better as the group went on and I managed to beat Mark in a scrappy affair in the final.

“This is the longest I have been in this tournament for. It is on my doorstep but I always seem to get beaten in my first group. I am looking forward to the Winners’ Group and it is a bit of all-Essex at the moment with Ali Carter and Matt Selt and now myself.”

Davis returns on Monday 26th where he will be joined by losing semi-finalists Michael White and Ebdon as well as David Gilbert who finished fifth in the group. New players joining are Ronnie O’Sullivan, Fergal O’Brien and Liang Wenbo.

The Championship League Snooker event is a venture between Matchroom Sport and Perform where 25 of the game’s elite players compete with all matches broadcast on a host of betting websites.

Each group features seven players with each man playing the other six once in a round-robin basis. Every match is the best of five and the winner gains one point with the loser getting zero.

At the end of the league phase the top four advances to that group’s semi-finals where the two winners meet in the final and the winner advances to the Winners’ Group in February.

The losing finalist, two losing semi-finalists and player finishing fifth move into the next group where they are joined by three new players and the process is repeated.

The winner then goes through to the final group on February 11th and 12th where the big money is up for grabs. The two bottom players are eliminated from the competition, while the remaining four move forward to Group Five which commences on Monday 26th January.


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